IGEL UD Pocket still pulling old license even after removing it from ILP and manually assigning a new license

I have a UD Pocket that had a license. I removed the hardware from this license pack on the portal. I deleted the license files from the device and manually assigned a license from another pack. But the device still pulls the old license…?

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which UMS / Igel OS Version are you using?

UMS 6.03.110, OS

Are you using a ALD or UMS licensing for the Licensing automation? Did you refreshed the pack in UMS by pressing the 🔁 button ?

Yes, I refreshed it in UMS and in the details it shows the correct hardware IDs for each pack. I register the ALD token in UMS and assign the license manually to the devices.

I now tried to reset the device to factoy defaults, delete the licenses and install a license file from usb drive, all while the device has no network connection. Everything seems to be ok, with the right license.

When plugging the network back in, it silently switches back to the old license. (I can tell by the expiration date of the license)

Where does it get it from and how can I remove it?

It should come from your UMS, in a first instance, in a second from the license portal. Please go to activation.igel.com activation.igel.com search for the Mac or Unit ID and delete it there. When done reassign the license.

The device ist not in any pack on UMS or the license portal. When I manually assign a license via UMS it says, it is already licensed by another pack?

Did you refreshed your pack like before (with 🔄) and checked if the right pack is registered by LAD Token in your UMS (or by using UMS License ID)?

Yes, when I checked the details of each pack, this unit id was not assigned to any of my packs.

I noticed now, that there are multiple license files in /license/dsa/licenses.

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