IGEL UDC Installation stays in a gray screen forever

Trying to flash some Dell Optiplex 390 desktops with UD3 10.04.100 or 10.05.800, but can’t. After it boots from thumb drive, I select UDC Installation, and it stays in a gray screen forever. I’ve tried diff thumb drives and other desktops of same model. Any one have any ideas?

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Are there any secure settings configured in the BIOS possibly that would prevent installing a different OS?

Not that I could tell. I tried installing using Verbose Mode and it is constantly saying “failed to load module nvme”

Any chance there is a BIOS update for those devices? I know Dell had a lot of fixes are NVME stuff in their BIOS updates over the past few months.

A coworker formated another USB thumb drive with the preparestick utility, and now I’m able to flash a desktop. I used Rufus before.

Those dang USB prep modules – it’s always a crapshoot, and you’re left to second guess the results. Not your fault, just know your pain. Brutal.

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