IGEL UMS best practice sizing guidance?

Hi everyone! When working with larger environments, how many thin clients can an individual UMS support? Looking at the HA documentation, it looks like each UMS can support up to 2,000 devices. Is this IGEL’s best practice sizing guidance? Here’s the article I’m referring to: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-5.08/en/scenario-1-load-balancing-911116.html

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Hi Jose, well, there is a difference between recommended and market experience. Usually, we spoked about a network limitation which limited the amount of parallel requests to UMS Server at approx. 500. Since we moved to x64 UMS, this limit chnaged also.

It depends from the kind of usage, but about 1000-2000 endpoints per Server should be fine.

If you want to keep it even more balanced, install 2 separate Loadbalancer Server and two separate UMS Server. But, to be honest, we have a couple of enterprise Level customers which are using only one UMS Server for >15.000 Endpoints.

Don’t forget to perform Firmware Updates via a separate (S)FTP(S)/HTTP(S) Servr that consumes IMHO more ressources and to keep the DB Server (and latencies) in mind…

IGEL Employees: what are your thoughts?

Good points! I have a follow up question. When setting up the HA extension, does option 224 need to be set up to point to both load balancers?

Option 224 should point to one Loadbalancer (and that’s the pain point on DHCP), for the “loadbalancing” of the Loadbalancer requests, I would use the DNS Alias Round Robin instead.

Got it. Thank you!

When I reached over 2,000 I completely lost connection to ICG. I am at 2,500 and still going. IGEL had to provide a private build for a larger threshold.

We speak about ICG<=>UMS on your side, right?

Thanks for sharing that experience!

Yes, that is correct. Forgot to mention.

Thank you for sharing @member

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