IGEL UMS doesn’t start after upgrade.

Hi all,

We have a customer that update UMS 12.01.110 to 12.02.110 and now cannot open it (Neither login window). Has no HA and tested as Administrator.

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Updated UMS server with embedded database (Windows 2016 virtual machine) and cannot open it. Installed console on other machines has the same issue.

Server has 16Gb. Could be that 12.02 has more sources requirements?

Works for us with Windows 2019 and 16GB RAM. I had to relaunch twice the installer because of errors in copies the first time btw.

Same error here, only way to solve it was a rollback with snapjhost of VM that fortunately do before

Some customers solved it with one of these options:

Updating Java

Modify Java options for UMS 12.02: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-12.02/en/known-issues-igel-ums-12-02-100-90237920.html#KnownIssuesIGELUMS12.02.100-Environment

Java Heap Size: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-12.02/en/how-to-configure-java-heap-size-for-the-ums-server-90235506.html

Latest Windows updates can stop UMS services (RMGUIserver and elasticsearch). Just start them.

Antivirus (Most common cause).

In my case, was updated perfectly. 😉

Last customer with this issue solved it disabling antivirus and re-reinstalling UMS 12.02 with UMS Web App (He unmarked it on first update).

Hi @member I did Install the UMS 12 Update and the RMGUIserver won’t start. So I looked into the pages that you metioned here, but how / where to add thoses lines?

Nevermind, I understand now how the documentation is written, thanks

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