IGEL UMS Error: “Internal error: java.lang.NullPointerException See log files for details:

Just saw a weird behaviour in my lab. Maybe this post helps if you encounter it yourself.

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Used default settings on Universal Firmware Update (UFU) in UMS 6 and downloaded latest IGEL OS 11 firmware. Tried to update my Thin Client. Not working of course because I use ICG. (RTFM I know.) So I set an FTP server, deleted the downloaded firmware from UFU and tried again to check for new firmware in UFU.

From now on I received an Error ⚠️ every time I tried to check: “Internal error: java.lang.NullPointerException See log files for details.” No reboot or prayers helped.

Then I realized the deleted firmware was still in the recycle bin. After removing it from there, the error disappeared. So basically if you have an error ask yourself: Have I emptied the recycle bin?♻️

Good one, yes, it happens in this specific cases and the error message doesn‘t help that much… Thanks!!!

I learned quickly to clean the recycle bin after deleting an object I know I want gone haha 🙂

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