IGEL UMS Error Message “Error No response from Thin Client received”

We are using UMS v6.05.100 and ICG v2.02.100 in our environment as we attempt to manage our External IGEL Endpoint and we are getting the following Error Message “Error No response from Thin Client received” during these scenarios:

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· When executing the “Reboot” command.

· When moving the IGEL Endpoint from on Directory to another.

· When we try to applied the 11.03.580.01 Upgrade.

· Etc.

Note we have over 1900 devices function great it is a few hundred that we are getting this error.

Thanks for your time 🙂

It sounds like the thin clients check in successfully when they boot, and your errors are when you try to communicate from the U.M.S. to the thin clients?

We are currently investigating if these IGEL Endpoints are successfully checking in, but we do know they are connecting to our Citrix Virtual Desktop (because we can see the device connected). We are using the “Boot Time” or “Runtime since last Boot” fields to determine if the device is communicating. Is their a better way to determine if the IGEL Endpoints are successfully checking in when review for hundreds of devices? We know the device appears to have trouble communicating to UMS to & from the IGEL endpoint.

Are any ports in your firewall configured, that are needed?

kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.05/en/ums-communication-ports-31600748.html kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.05/en/ums-communication-ports-31600748.html

Are these few hundred devices from a special provider, a special router at the other side (in home-offfice for example) or a commonality, that triggers this issues. Dou you checked that already?

The last boot time should update in the U.M.S. when they check in for a reboot. As Leon mentioned, I would suspect something in the firewall configuration. If their last boot times update when they start, then the thin client -> I.C.G. -> U.M.S. part seems to be working. However, it depends.

If you want to check manually whether ports are open, I could use netcat (nc) on Linux (or UNIX/Mac), and the PowerShell test-netconnection command for Windows.

We do have 1900 IGEL Endpoint functioning properly, so would that exclude a Firewall issue? I was thinking there is an issue on the IGEL Endpoint itself that could be causing the issue. Also all of these IGEL Endpoint are external to the company, so could their be an ISP or home networks issue, or a bad configuration of the IGEL Endpoint during the build process?

There could be… is there any clear difference between the ones that work and the ones that don’t (location, configuration, version, network…)?

I’m performing analysis on the external IGEL Endpoint data now, but preliminary findings doesn’t any clear difference.

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