IGEL UMS keeps showing the device as “No Valid license”?

Hi, I’m new to IGEL and currently evaluating IGEL OS on repurposed PC. I’ve successfully deployed a first desktop – licensed correctly. However, for my second desktop, UMS keeps showing the device as No Valid license – although the evaluation license for its mac address has been properly added. Anything we can do to resolve this?

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Hi Henry, it might help to delete the demo license, manually.

Usually, the device should get the license automatically. If not, the best way is to follow this commands (Accessories,Terminal,+,save,login as root). The commands are sent as pm

Greetings @member I am experiencing the same issue here. I have deleted and re-added both the device and license from UMS but still get the “UC1-LX No valid license” error. Could you PM me the commands you sent to Henry please?

Sure! Done!

That didn’t seem to help – That directory is actually empty.

Where is your license coming from?

It should be coming from the UMS server, correct? I added the license in UMS under “Device’s Licenses”

Ok, it’s a demo license. Can you edit the Lic with Notepad and double check if the MAC corresponds?

If yes, please try to download the file again but with a different browser.

The MAC is correct. I will re-download the license.

Downloaded the license again using Chrome, no change. Any more ideas?

What happens when assigning the license manually?

kb.igel.com/licensesmore-igelos11/en/starting-license-assignment-manually-26029145.html kb.igel.com/licensesmore-igelos11/en/starting-license-assignment-manually-26029145.html

Check if some ports are maybe blocked between device and UMS?

kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.04/en/ums-communication-ports-26035034.html kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.04/en/ums-communication-ports-26035034.html

I disabled the local firewall on the UMS server and the device license activated without error. Thank you for all of your help Sebastien.

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