IGEL UMS not able to see IGEL OS after turning on VPN as IP address changes

Hey Guys

i need some support 🙂

• IGEL OS 11.05 connected at the moment in the Company Network. Device is online in UMS and Shadow working

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• User Turns on VPN Fortigate and the client is offline (because different IP)

Is there a way to solve this? if i rescan i see the igel with the ,,vpn ip”


Hey Kevin, please try to put


as a Final Network command kb.igel.com/igelos-11.05/en/network-2-42011456.html

and reboot, should work then.

Hey Sebastien

thx for the advice.

did it, but it is not working… any other idea?

and if you issue the command locally in a Terminal on the endpoint, and hit F5 in UMS, does it work then?

let me try

using the console on the igle -> it is working

Then put it as a final desktop command instead and reboot.

is not working 😕

please check locally in IGEL Setup if the command is there where you placed it since you seem to have already a few Custom commands in place. They are overwriting themselves.

ok – thx a lot 🙂

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