IGEL UMS Profiles not arriving on IGEL OS devices connected via ICG


I installed our ICG on Friday and was also able to successfully connect a notebook with UD Pocket to the ICG via the Internet using the ICG Agent Setup.

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In the UMS the UD Pocket is also listed as online with a green symbol. I can restart or shut down the notebook via UMS, but it does not receive any profiles when I assign profiles to it or its parent directory.

The UMS says that the action ended successfully when I send the configuration from the UMS to the client, but nothing changes on the notebook.

I then hung the client on our LAN and moved it to a “LAN Clients” directory in the UMS, which also contains other IGEL clients.

In this directory, the icg_enable key is set to “off” in the registry in the systemremotemanager, and in the “Field Service” folder, where the UD Pocket was previously located, it is set to “on”.

When I start from “LAN Clients”, the UD Pocket receives all assigned profiles like any other client. Among them is an RDP connection.

If I move the UD Pocket back into the “Field Service” directory, the client connects to the UMS via ICG again, but again no profiles are obtained and when I start the RDP session I get the error in the picture.

If I ping from ICG to the DNS name of this remote desktop server via SSH, the name can be resolved correctly.

Why do the UMS profiles not arrive at the client via ICG? Why does the RDP session not work? Have I forgotten anything?

Many thanks in advance

Hello Alexander. In 99% it’s related to missing Licenses. Which UMS / ICG / Igel OS Firmware Version are you using? Which kind of Licenses do you own atm for the device you are testing.

ICG: 2.01.110

UMS: 6.04.100


Yes, that should be the reason. The UD Pocket received just a Workplace Edition Maintenance Licence, because all licenses from the Enterprise Management Pack are already assigned, which I forgot. I will add more licenses. Does that solve the RDP error, too? It sounds more like a network error.

Yes, it should all be related to the license topic!

How can I remove a EMP license client from a client? When I assign a new WEM license to a client with an EMP license, the EMP license doesn’t change to free to use

I have clients with EMP license, but they doesn’t need it, so i would like the exchange the licenses


that should help

Ah I get it. I have to remove the hardware in the license portal

Yes, now the deployment of profiles works, but the error in the picture remains. How do I deactivate the security negotiation? Just temporarily to determine the cause?

Can you issue a ping yourRDPServer from a Terminal? On your Screenshot the Server name isn‘t reachable. I guess you have a specific Servername for the external Access?!

Just in case there might be a misunderstanding: ICG isn’t an alternative to a VPN / Secure Access to your environment. ICG is only meant for issuing IGEL related configurations to your devices or remote supporting them.

Yes, I thought so. But that would be an awesome feature. I will create a secured connection to the RDS, so it will be reachable from the Internet. Thank you for the big help here. You’re a MVP 🙂 Now I understand the ICG more. Have a nice day

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