IGEL UMS scalability recommendations for number of IGEL OS devices?

Are there any UMS spec recommendations for X number of thin clients? For example, up to 5,000 thin clients = 2 vCPU x 4GB memory; 10,000 = 4 x 8, etc.? As we scale into the thousands, we are noticing the performance is not quite what it used to be when navigating in the UMS console. I would like to know if throwing more resources at it will help at all, as we really don’t notice the UMS server getting pegged… typically CPU is low and memory is around 70-80%. I would like to know if anyone else sees this as well – thanks!

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Well… Yes but they are outdated since we are using a x64 UMS Server component… Actually, starting with 5.09.1%% I recommend using at least 4 vCPUs and 8GB for larger environments (1000 Endpoints). We have to gather a bit the markets experience, I must admit… In case you are using the Embedded DB, you should consider to migrate the DB to a DB Server like MS-SQL a.e.

I will keep you informed asap if I’m able to provide more reliable Data!

Thanks, @member ! We actually are using a highly available MS SQL instance. I believe we are currently 2×4 on UMS; I will look to up it to 4×8 if that’s the recommended specs for large environments on 5.09+

Please be aware that performance issues on UMS side are not only CPU/RAM related but sometimes DB Indexes, Network (UMS config or asking for the online state of the endpoints) or a (and that never happens😏) bug

Yes – I am also going to request our DBAs look into some performance stats on the DB to ensure it is properly indexed and everything looks good on their end as well.

Correct me if I am wrong but I had in my mind that at least the 32bit ums(<5.09.100) used a fixed amount of ram and that can be adjusted/increased via a java tool.

That‘s absolutely right!

Interesting – what Java tool is that? Does the same tool still apply in the 64-bit environment?

Heapsize customization, but that’s something I wouldn’t use per default because of some instability risks by misconfiguration. Send you a PM.

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