IGEL UMS server stopped allocating licenses

UMS server has suddenly stopped allocating licenses. We have sufficient licenses. I am also unable to allocated the manually, I just get a Connection error message when trying to do so. I converted and licensed a device no bother then the next one wouldn’t, build from the same USB stick, connected to the same network port, within a few minutes of successfully licensing the first device. Anyone have any ideas why this would happen? The server can see the devices and I can send them profile changes no problem.

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Can you check if the communication to the Igel License servers is still functional?

Here are the ports:

kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.03/en/ums-communication-ports-22463332.html kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.03/en/ums-communication-ports-22463332.html

Are you using the ALD Token?

Looks like the server is no longer communicating on port 80, it can’t communicate with localhost on port 80. ANy suggestions as to what could have stopped?

Not sure to get you right. Which server/communication doesn‘t work on 80?

telnet localhost 80

Connecting To localhost…Could not open connection to the host, on port 80: Connect failed

There is no communication from UMS on 80.

9080 but usually more 8443.

Did you checked the document I sent before?

yes, I checked 80 first as it was the first one that anything to do with Automatic license deployment. 9080 and 8443 seem to work ok as they do not come back with a connection failed

I am not trying to apply licenses to the server I am trying to apply licenses to devices

That‘s what I‘m speaking about🙂

Let‘s start from scratch:

1) which kind licenses are concerned? OS10 / OS11 (there WE or WE/EMP)

2) how did you configured the connection from your UMS to our license portal? Like this?

3) which UMS version are you using?

OS11 WE/EMP, v6.03.130. I think our network team may have made changes they have not admitted to 😛 The connection test fails.

Looks as though the issue was the ip adderss for susi.igel.com susi.igel.com had changed and our firewall was pointing at the old address

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