IGEL UMS server stuck in ‘Update mode’ upgrading to UMS 6.06.110

Morning, We updated to IGEL UMS 6.6.110 and one of our servers is still in ‘Update mode’. Is there a work around for this issue?

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Morning Dan, are you using HA? If yes, start one console and check under UMS Administration, UMS Network, Server, how many servers are there and if all of them went updated.

Hi Sebastien. We have two running in HA. It appears one of them had issues with the update.

Try to reinitiate the update, and please check if the Update is going through fluently. It should then switch back to normal. I would rather initiate a Reboot too.

If I do another update check, it actually tells me that UMS is up to date running 6.6.110

But can you restart the setup.exe and restart the install?

Please check if its directly inside the console on the UMS server and not on an external console

Ok, I just re-ran the setup.exe. I still have one server in Update mode

I am accessing the UMS directly on the server. I have access to both sides

Are both servers in sync, I mean are they having a correct NTP time? If you open the rmadmin.exe application on both servers, go there to Datasource, what are connected to: updatedb or your SQL?

Last thing, please check on both server the install.log under C:Program FilesIGELRemoteManager

I would NOT re-run the upgrade in this instance – this can typically be resolved by manually switching the problem UMS from the tmp DB back to the correct external DB, but allow us to confirm that via a support case before making any changes to your prod environment 🙂

Thank you Josh, that was the issue. I repointed the DB and all is well. Thanks all! This was a good learning experience.

I have 2 HA, 2 ICG, and 4 UMS and this happens to me all the time. Make sure to get in the habit to backup database and Licensing ID with the RMAdmin.exe tool. I got where I prep all servers before I start the upgrade process by placing the UMS update source files, and backing up Licensing ID on all boxes and then and exporting everything from the console on at least one of the servers. We have a central SQL Instance that they all connect to. If I let the servers do the Update by itself it can take 10-12 hours to let them update one server at a time. I have suggested with a Feature request to have a way to Disable Servers and or a way to do the upgrade where it does not have to create the entire SQL database locally before it updates the software, where is appears to really only take one server to update an then update the database schema and then you can uninstall and reinstall the others or update them without connected to the database and then reconnect it once done. Like I said I have done this mainly times and there is always a problem and I do not have the time to set here and wait all day to update each server. Good luck in the future and make notes of the complete process so that next time you have some troubleshooting steps already in place to try. I will be updating my system next week so Hope it goes well for me.

Thank you for the tips Randel! One question, what sort of UMS upgrade frequency are you sticking to? I work for a Hospital, so upgrades sometimes can only be done a couple times a year. Being this is the management server, it doesn’t have as many eyes on it, but our change control process is still over the top.

I also work for a hospital and you are correct, we tend to update about a version behind everyone else or stay where we are if everything is working as expected. But with the push to move from V10 to V11, and then getting a V11 image that works for our needs for everything is a bit of a problem. everytime we have something we think is going to work we find a problem and the fix it in the newer Firmware and if you want to modify the fix in the UMS you have to update the UMS. So I am hoping I can get server updated to the latest 6.06.110 with no problems and work out the issues with the Firmware with rebuilding all of our CP’s and Generating new code for the new Kernel. It looks promising but it is delaying a lot of projects currently because of simple issues that are hard to trace. DM me if you ever want to talk shop, I would be happy to share anything I know with you.

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