IGEL UMS Service crashed after update.

Hello everyone! I’ve just installed UMS 12 over my UMS 6 and got the IGELRMGUIServer service crashed. Couldn’t restart it so now my local UMS server can’t start, luckily i took backups ofcourse and gonna restore now but does anyone has any advice on this? (Crash of the service happened during install)

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is this a standaone UMS server or some kind of a multi server install?

Embedded DB or external DB?

Standalone server with embedded DB i suppose, i didn’t set it up but it seems that way πŸ™‚

If there is only one, it is standalone πŸ™‚

For the DB question, check the UMS Administrator ->datasource

EmbeddedDB confirmed πŸ™‚ and yes there is only one hehe

okay I was asking because we’re discussing issues with HA setups in another thread and as there was an announcement regarding MSSQL connection limits

so unfortunately no real help from me 😞

No problem! I’ll try again and see if it occurs again and in the meanwhile maybe someone with the right knowledge will see this πŸ™‚

are you probably coming from an older 6 release? maybe trying to update to the latets 6 is a good idea before migrating

How much RAM did you assign tot the VM?

@member Might give that a try

@member Oof 8GB might be a little on the low side i see now

Hell yes, please go 12 or 16.

I’ll keep you updated, i’m gonna try doubling my RAM and reinstalling!

@member same issue persists, i did get a popup during install again that apache daemon stopped working

Is an Antivirus active on the server?

Yep, we use SentinelOne on all our devices

Could you try disabling it and reinstall?

Nerve wrecking

I had the same feeling yesterday when i upgraded our UMS from 6 to 12 πŸ˜‰

@member it’s still going already for like 20 minutes or so, is that normal πŸ˜›

It is normal ☺️

As Sebastien said, it’s “normal”, i think it also depends on the size of your environment, like how many devices you have and directories and profiles?

It is @member πŸ’― I saw customer DBs taking an hour to perform this step. Usually it takes between 10 – 30 Min.

Yes, it took about 10-15 min for me. Still nerve wrecking πŸ˜‰

@member it worked! So take aways here: watch out that you got enough RAM, disable any firewall/anti virus and run the install, enable again after ofcourse πŸ™‚

@member Feature request: an accurate (or even humorous) upgrade progress bar? Something to comfort those anxious IT souls?

Guess what… Your are 100% right. ,we talked about this already internaly. but apparently this is a complicated one, I will push it again!

made my day @member

Flashbacks!! I remember trying to guess how long it would take. Your guess was usually far better than whatever the hell windows was calculating.

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