IGEL USB Device splitting doesn’t appear to work for me.

IGEL USB Device splitting doesn’t appear to work for me.

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Using a PowerMIC on IGEL with 11.08.330 (tried 11.08.230 also) if I allow usb devices passthrough as shown here the POWER MIC is not detected and does not work. If I remove the split commands from extra configuration the device works fine until you disconnect your Citrix VAD 22.06 Cloud version then when you reconnect the MIC buttons stop working. The goal is to allow users to roam from IGEL to IGEL all 11.08.330 with exactly the same peripherals hardware and allow the Dragon Power MIC to keep working. Right now every time they move from device to device they need to unplug the mic and replug. HELP

Change “Allow” to “Connect”

Also, make sure you have the two registry keys set in your profile.

• ica.module.audioredirectionv4

• ica.module.audiolatencycontrolenabled

That did the trick. I assume you mean select both those registry keys and have them enabled.

Everything is working right. On too fine tuning.

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