Imprivata but it will not tap out on IGEL OS 11.05.100

Apologize if I didn’t see this asked before.. but anyone seeing an issue on 11.05.100 where you can tap into Imprivata but it will not tap out? Seems to have started week or so ago and no changes that I’m aware of

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No reason to apologize. I didn‘t see that question coming up but let‘s see what the IGEL Community says.

Be careful because Imprivata is currently not approved for 11.05.100

well also just noticed that it is happening on 11.04.270..

I have been running 11.04.270 for a little while now and just noticed this issue as well.

Usually that’s an issue with USB redirection rules. Do you have anything configured, and can you post a screenshot of your USB redirection settings?

Yes I do have USB redirection setup… It was working fine until recently.. here is my screenshot..

Originally someone created a profile and the default rule was set to allow.. I read all the documentation and found that wasnt the correct way so I went by the Dragon PowerMic setup.. The RFID is the badge tap.. we have been having problems on the Thin Clients with the Dragon Mic not being seen by Nuance DMO. That is the only reason I created a new profile, to see if it was a setting..

I removed the RFID from the USB redirection and it works. never would have thought that..

Yep, Imprivata handles all of that with the OneSign Agent (VDI Image) and Prove ID Embedded Agent (IGEL) via a virtual channel.

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