Imprivata issues where tapping out off the session wont work on IGEL OS 11.04.240

Good morning Community members, I got a question about imprivata appliance mode. We are using igel os 11.04.240 with a cardreader Omnikey 5021CL but we got a strange issue that when we use the badge to tap sometimes it wont work. Mostly of the time the tapping out off the session wont work. We use a Azure Windows 10 desktop. Would be great if someone else has encoutered this problem so we can fix it. Greetings DieterπŸ‘

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Good morning Dieter, are you using Native USB Redirection? If yes, could you try to disable it and try it again?

Hi Sebastien, no we are not using that because of the enterference with teams optimalization πŸ™‚. I got a firmware 11.04.270 also with the same problems so i quess it is a imprivata settings. Is there a option to use omnikey workbench on Igel os?

Ok, perfect! Did it worked in earlier versions reliably?

Well i didn’t used it yet on 11.03.580 and 11.04.200. We just started with Igel. So i cant say if it did work reliably before πŸ™‚ probably not.

I must admit, I’m not an Imrpivata Pro, but let me ask another question: the Tap In / Tap Off card is only used for the Login / logoff process? Which kind of card is it?

Yes it is and i dunno its a white card hahaha πŸ™‚

Oh, if is a white card, it cannot work, I would take the blue one πŸ˜‰

Kidding by side, I’m a bit out ideas, I don’t expect a big change but could you try an update to 11.05.100?

Ok thanks for your help. Very kind of you. Ill keep on testing with imprivata policies πŸ™‚

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