Imprivata Screensaver on IGEL OS

Question for Imprivata/iGel customers: We are rolling out an iGel pilot, and are struggling to get the basics working. After finally getting the iGel screensaver to work in Appliance Mode by adding the WMClass exclusions, we cannot get the screensaver LOCK to function properly. What we would like is after 15 minutes, the screensaver Locks the workstation and the user can either Tap or login again to see the active Horizon session. As a workaround, we are just killing the VMware Horizon Session at 15 minutes. Does anyone have any experience with Imprivata that could toss me a few ideas? We are running 11.08.200 for the pilot.

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Hi John,

we are working on a list of must have Applications to Whitelist, but in the meantime, is this the process you are looking for:



You should probably be using Imprivata’s fade to lock functionality rather than configuring the screensaver on the local OS – you can configure this from the IGEL computer policy OR VM computer policy

@member Added your note to the FAQ section:

@member Thank You so much for mentioning the Imprivata fade to lock functionality. I’ve been struggling to get the iGel screensaver & Imprivata to work together for my iGel Pilot.

Coming from Wyse endpoints, that used ProveID web, the iGel Imprivata agent has many more features, like fade to lock. I do not have visibility into the Imprivata Console, so had no idea this was even an option. And the Imprivata guide for setting up the agent on iGel never mentions screenlock.

But it’s working now! I’m not a fan of the Black fade screen, and was hoping I could use a custom wallpaper. But at least it hides EMR data and locks when told.

I’ll try to document and post my configuration for new iGel/Imprivata members!

And… I’ll roll your notes it into this doc…

Here are the touchpoints for setting up Imprivata with a screensaver that locks.

I’d been trying unsuccessfully to use the iGel Screensaver, because I like having a clock on the screensaver for the Hospital Staff to see when screensaver is active.

I could not get the lock function to work with Imprivata. It turns out that the screensaver settings are in the Imprivata Appliance Computer Policy set for iGel ProveID devices.

You need your Imprivata Admin to change this on the Imprivata backend.

-First make sure the iGel devices have NO screensaver set. (either via a Screen Saver Policy or Firmware Customization)

-Enable Imprivata Appliance Mode via a Policy.

-Have Imprivata Admin edit the iGel Computer policy to set the following in the Walk-Away Security section (see screenshots below) This example is a screensaver that hides the screen at 2 minutes, and locks at 15 minutes. ( protect HIPAA data )

The “screensaver” that pops up looks like this. It’s kinda sad. A black screen with a countdown timer until locked. The Text is customizable in the Imprivata Appliance policy. I’m hoping that somehow I can swap the black with a custom wallpaper to make it more professional.

Well — I like the simple black look. Easy to read. 😉


I have updated our Imprivata notes:

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