Improving Wireless Lan Roaming

Hi Sebastien,

Our hospital customer have a problem with the VDI session lag on the medical cart.

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Each ward has a wifi ap, the nurses use a medical cart to go to each ward and the medical cart has an IGEL device to use the wifi network.

When the medical cart move to next wards, the VDI start lag, at this time, check the network settings are normal, and the wifi has been changed to the nearest wireless ap.

I had testing below settings but not help:

1) .bgscan.module.Background scanning module.simple

2) .bgscan.simple.log_interval.Long interval.100

3) .bgscan.simple.short_interval.10

4) .bgscan.simple.signal_strength.-55

5) .ipv6_configuration.Disable

6) .driver.cfg80211.cfg80211_disable_40mhz_24ghz.Checked

7) .driver.cfg80211.disable_ht.Checked

IGEL OS version is 11.07.170.

VDI is Windows 10 Enterprise with Citrix storefront.

could you give me some advice?

Thank you.

Hi Charlie, could you check this?

Any chance to test 11.08.200?

Thank you Sebastien, I will try that.

hmm. We had similar issues when moving igel between AP’s but the bgscan settings helped. us. The settinsg are slightly different tho. module=simple, long interval =180, short interval =15, signal strenght=-64.

Thank you Jaana, I will try your suggestions.

This will help you a lot:

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