In IGEL OS a Citrix published app is not visible on taskbar?

In IGEL OS a Citrix published app is not visible on taskbar.

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If user minimizing the app its lost. Helpdesk is mirroring via msraa then they are able to maximize the app but the app is still not showing on taskbar…

If I use a different user on the ThinClient the very same app is showing on taskbar…

I have to revert the last statement, after the third time logoff/login the application is also not visible with the “different user” I mentioned above…

Just tested on same issue

Are you able to test on Linux 10?

Hi @member

Is it just one device? Because maybe a reinstallation via “update -a” could be helpful.

Is an Update to the latest LX 5 version possible for you? -> 5.13.110?

@member upgrade is not possible at the moment but it seems that Citrix SeamlessFlags are the solution…

After 15 logons and some reboots its quite stable.

Registry Key on Citrix VDA/Terminalserver: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Control/Citrix/wfshell/TWI

Value Name: SeamlessFlags

Value Type: REG_DWORD

Value: 3effb7 (Hex)

That’s good to know. Thanks for sharing!

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