Info on TWAIN support for IGEL OS devices within Citrix XenDesktop 7.x?

does anyone have information on TWAIN support for iGel devices within XenDesktop 7.x? Looking to use some Canon DR-C225 and M190 scanners and would like to avoid the USB virtual channel.

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Twain isn‘t a Linux compatible way of access but a kind of pure Microsoft ones, so we can‘t force an integration even if I would be happy to😄

At the moment: USB Scanner is a tough topic…

They are a few ways to get it working, but there is no guarantee unfortunately:

1) use the USB Redirection to get it redirected into the Terminalserver, and install it there:

2) use the sane integration if supported by Scanner and map the scan directory into the session: (System=>Firmware Customization=>Features=>Sane support) and use

3) Use USB<=>Lan Server:ätslösungen/geräte-konnektivität

Thanks, out of curiosity, has there been any testing on the 3 above to determine which uses less bandwidth? The issue I’m having with option #1 is that it will not work well over MPLS, it only seems to work well over LAN.

You are welcome, no, but I would assume that Sane and mapping a samba share should give the strongest control over QOS.

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