Insights on IGEL firmware updates for IGEL OS devices located remotely over ICG?

Hello all! I was wondering if anyone had any insight about IGEL firmware updates. If we have UMS and ICG setup for remote work scenarios where thin clients aren’t on our physical local network, are we able to just load the firmware on our UMS and push it to remote thin clients? Reading through the step-by-step firmware guide, it almost seems like an AWS repository is required to point to?

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You cannot use UMS to distribute firmware to external devices. You can use AWS, or a standard FTP/SFTP or WebDav server to deliver the files.

Thanks for the clarification. I was using AWS as a general callout for some sort of public facing repo.

Is it possible or recommended to install the UMS and the firmware repository on the same Windows Server if an IIS FTP server is used for the firmware repo?

Also — is an Azure File Share able to be used as a firmware repo rather than an AWS S3 Bucket?

I have had people use azure storage blobs to do it.

Thanks for the response. Is there any reason why blob storage would be recommended vs just having the firmware files in azure file storage?

Sorry, may be the same thing. I am not super familiar with azure file storage. I just know a lot of places call them “storage blobs”. The key part is that they can be accessed via WebDAV. (HTTPS)

No worries — I’m also getting used to the alphabet soup of cloud acronyms, etc! Any recommendation against storing firmware update files on the ICG and using that same server for updates?

Yes, that is not supported or recomended

ICG already had a hard job, better to not put more pressure on it 😉

Is there any particular reason why it wouldn’t be recommended? Even if the server was built out with the hardware resources necessary to handle both tasks? By the way, I totally get why it might be better to keep things separate…just curious about consolidating resources

It is not supported by IGEL for one

So, if you run into issues with ICG, the first recommendation is going to be to remove the file server components and rebuilt ICG with just ICG installed

On top of that, you may cause problems depending on the number of devices and number of updates happening on a device

That makes sense. Just doing my due diligence with learning how all these “com-pew-tors” work. Thanks for your patience! 🙂

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