Intermittent display problems with IGEL OS -randomly during the day one of the displays goes black

Dear all,

We are having intermittent display problems with our iGEL units. All our users are setup with 2 monitors (extended display) connected via display port to DVI on the monitor side. Users report that randomly during the day one of the displays goes black.

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When the screen goes black we have tried switching the screen off and on.

We have verified that this is not a cabling issue. All the cables are firmly attached to both ends. The screens are working fine.

The only way to fix this seems to be to restart the iGel device.

Has anyone seen problem like this? Are there any log files that I can look at to troubleshoot this?

We are running the following:

iGEL Hardware: UD2-LX 50

Firmware OS 11-11.03.110

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Dear Andre, are you using Display Switcher?

If yes, did you set the checkbox: Configure new displays when connected ?

It doesn‘t have to be related to that but here is another idea to follow maybe:

Hi Sebastien,

I have seen the hotplug KB article and have already implemented the registry change. Our monitors are configured via UMS policy. I will try to use the Display Switcher next time this happens but I what makes me wonder is why this is happening in the first place.

Users reported that in many cases they were in the middle of something when the monitor just goes black.

If you have a SSH Access to the device or it‘s in that state you could look on /var/log/Xorg.0.log.

Help=>Save device files for support would upload that File (and others) to the UMS for Remote Analysis.

Thanks, I will give that a go.

We were having similar issues a few months ago. This was the solution that ended up solving the issues for us:

They referenced the issue being found with different resolutions, but it solved our issues even with 2 1920×1080 screens.

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