iPhone connected to IGEL OS via RDP redirection, can’t see photo library on the phones

Hi, I have a RDSH 2016 environment where my Igels connect with. All USB redirection is working well but the technicians in the plant have to upload pictures taken with their iPhones. Problem is that they cant’s see their picture library on the phones. Can someone tell me how to get this work on the Igels? Thanks!

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Hi, if your customer is using v10 and UD /UDC Devices, you could give a try for that: edocs.igel.com/index.htm#16147.htm

Hi, I forgot to write the details. They use UD3-LX with V10 OS

Perfect, then please follow the edocs article and deactivate the USB Redirection for iPhones before that๐Ÿ‘You should only use the MTP one.

@member I created this profile the other day that sorts out iPhone and iPad USB redirection, might need some tweaking to work with RDSH though.


Nice, but how can I download the XML file?

@member, thanks it works but……now they see all things on local storage. I want them to see only the DCIM picture folder. Any idea how to create this?

Not so easy. Is it mandatory?

you can right click on the xml file and save it, then import it into UMS

I am blond but when I do a right click I can only save the whole HTML page, not the XML only……:thinking_face:

in Chrome I do ‘Save Link As

Let’s try Chrome ๐Ÿ™‚

……and Chrome did the trick

Excellent, I should add that to the instructions

Maybe not everybody is as blond as I am but it can always help ๐Ÿ˜

let me know how it goes, it works for us, just strip out the XenApp related settings

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