Is a Admin Password change on IGEL OS interrupting the user?

Hello All. Could you please clarify this statement:

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Note: After changing the password and applying the settings, all active sessions on the thin client will be disconnected.

In which context?

The version is

Not sure if I get the question right, could you rephrase please?

My question is When I remotely changed admin password the remote device went to log out and re-logon to the desktop and all applications were terminated. This causes inconvenience to the user.

You can assign the new configuration on next next reboot, if you prefer. or

IP Compliance requesting change local admin password every 3 month. But I can’t reboot endpoint due the exists critical application on the device. That’s why I’m asking about other ways to change local admin password without impact to sessions of the endpoint.

You could try to check if a local scheduled command : or a command executed when screensavers starts:…]Countdown

the config retrieval command would be get_rmsettings && killwait_postsetupd

Sebastien, the endpoint thin client powered by IGEL OS works 24 hours and 7 days in the years. To restart or log out the device is critical incident.

Well, this might get complicated then if not even action on inactivity could work.

It means that IGEL OS cannot change local admin password without interruption of running application?

At least not without the above.

Is there any chance to see improvement in this issue in future?

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