Is anyone using the native VOIP client (Ekiga) on IGEL OS in a production environment?

Is anyone using the native VOIP client (Ekiga) in a production environment?

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I did, a few years ago. Do you have specific questions to ask?

i just started testing it for a secondary site. ill keep you in the loop ( will be used for 120 users )

I wondering about the dialing out when registered as a SIP client to CUCM. Do we really need to dial as opposed to traditional PSTN?

You mean SIP URI dialing? Yes, unfortunately Ekiga is only accepting that way from what I recall.

Oh man! Gross. No way our people will remember to put in the full address.

Hopefully someone will correct me😬

I wonder if there is a way to hardcode anything after the @ symbol, then our users will just need to remember the phone number like they do today

Cannot test atm. but it might be achievable, I‘m searching on forums but didn‘t found it yet.

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