Is IGEL UD Pocket limited on a number of Monitors?

Hi, is IGEL UD Pocket limited on a number of Monitors? FatClient connected to three or four Displays, now I would like to boot from the UD Pocket, is IGEL OS also supporting a RDP / Citrix Session for using all three or four Displays? Thanks!

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Provided the hardware is supported by the drivers integrated in our OS, 3 or 4 monitors can work when you plug a UD Pocket device into 3rd party hardware.

You would have to test though to see if the graphics card is seen and reacts as expected by our OS, as we don’t have drivers for every possible variation integrated.

Use the display switch to see if you can get all monitors to display an extended desktop, and then provided you have the window settings in your Citrix or RDP session set to extend (Sessions>Citrix/RDP>Citrix/RDP Global>Window>Multi monitor), then you can get the corresponding session to use these monitors as well.

Thanks for clarifying this!

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