Is it a requirement to have an IGEL OS device license(s) to create policies, download firmware etc?

Building a new UMS for a new client – is it a requirement to have device license(s) to create policies, download firmware etc?

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No but you need at least one device (even virtually), registered in that UMS.

Thanks – are there “evals” available since the licenses that were imported have expired?

Sure, the NFR may help:

or request a Demo license:

Also, you can import firmware profiles from our GitHub

And… You can install test instances with 90 eval / demo license

After getting the demo licenses within UMS, now getting error in Firmware Update section after manually adding 10.x “No devices registered”

Which Firmware is on the Device you registered?

Version 10.x ?

I don‘t get you😅

Did you registered a Device in this UMS? If yes, where did you get the 10.x error?

Apologize – doing all this config with someone that is unfamiliar with their IGEL inventory/devices and I’m working remote

No issue at all, I‘m trying to follow the steps you made👍😌

Installed UMS, requested demo lics & now trying to download fw/create some test policies…yes I’m stuck at the moment 🙃

Ok! Is there a device available on that UMS, I mean did you registered an Endpoint with OS11 in that server?

That’s the $64k Q – the device is no on the network/discoverable so I’m pulling it out of thin air until I can get some clarification

Give me the money, I‘m taking the lead on answering it😄

Seriously, you need at least one device registered into UMS to build profiles for it. Yes, I know, it doesn‘t make sense, and it does seem like a Chicken/Egg situation…

That would be the best way.

There is one alternative, but I would have to ask a colleague of mine if I‘m allowed to send that out… We could import a Virtual Firmware…

Can you create Linux VM on same LAN? If so then you can install IGEL OS in that VM using OSC ISO download. Then use UMS to scan for that device on the correct subnet range? And that should be your first device. No?


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