Is it possible to attach profile to a directory through a IGEL UMS View?

Is it possible to attach profile to a directory through a view? I’ve been playing around with views and can only seem to apply them directly to the devices.

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A view is a selection of devices according to definable criteria which are logically linked one after another.

You can combine that with Administrative task to Assign Objects to the Devices of Views

What are you trying to achieve? Adding profiles through views is to allow device specific profiles to be somewhat dynamic. To achieve this at a folder level would require adding multiple folders with the different profiles and have devices move between folders using default directory rules.

we’re trying to accomplished a few things. we want to be able to update firmware using a patching group, similar to what we do in sccm, and apply profiles based on firmware

A couple things.

1. to apply profiles based on firmware, one could create a view based on firmware and then use admin tasks to apply profiles to those devices.

2. for Updating devices in a directory, why not just apply the firmware/profile to the directory?

1. That makes sense and I’ll look into that, but would that still be applying the profiles directly to the devices?

2. That’s the method that we’re doing to now, but we were hoping to automate it a bit more while keeping the updates staggered to reduce the number of devices being unavailable.

item 1 would be, yes.

item 2, I am trying to figure out how this is better automated by using views and admin tasks. you would still have to either update the task to include a different profile or update the profile. So I am not sure I see the difference from applying the firmware or profile to the folder.

I wonder if you could achieve what you are wanting by having an FTP directory for the current updates you want applied and just update the firmware in that location to the version you want installed. This would make it where the profiles and such don’t need changed in UMS.

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