Is it possible to change IGEL OS system icons? – in this case, the network icon

Is it possible to change system icons – in this case, the network icon – somewhere? I don’t see the normal “icon” entry in the registry. I was going to try just copying new png files replacing the existing ones in their current directory (/usr/share/icons/IGEL-Light/status).

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Is this a mandatory thing or more „nice to have“? The Network state is needed for mutiple uses, and I wouldn‘t recommend to replace system wide icons. It would work though😄

This is a nice to have. The default network state icon doesn’t make much sense to me. I’d love to be able to use one of the other default icons, like network-wired-symbolic.symbolic.png.

Does this also apply to other images, like the greeter icon used for logon? I wanted to replace that one, too.

No, the greeter is quite easy and single use from what I recall.

Kinda jumping around here, but are you only able to have a single Final Desktop Command entry? I have two profiles that have different commands in that space, and only one is actually applying.

Hmm, this may not even matter. I moved it to Before Desktop Start, but I can’t run it until I actually login (AD logon enabled). Was hoping to be able to run this from the lock screen.

Or at least see the network status to get the IP (the app in question is TC Info).

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