Is it possible to change the mouse buttons to perform other actions? remap buttons?

Hi there, we have a customer that wants to change the function for the middle mouse scroll/button when they click this in Citrix session it paste’s text. They would like to know what options Igel has for this. They are now using 11.03.110.

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Hi Sander, you could check this one: (screenshot by be viewed by logging in to the IGEL Community below)

thank you Sebastien, wil let them know to test that.

Isn’t pasting with the middle mouse button the default setting?

It looks like the Citrix workspace app allows you to remap buttons using a configuration file, but I honestly am not sure what that file looks like.

IGEL has a registry key to point to the file.


It is @member, and there is a registry key to disable it in the IGEL OS, but not sure if ICA client will honor that

Ah, you can disable that in the ICA with a key


Most likely it just doesn’t do anything after that though

@member yes it is, but the customer want’s to change that option that it does not paste . sorry if I was not clear about that.

ah, gotcha. I thought they were wanting to be able to paste

If they just want it disabled @member, try that last IGEL registry key I pasted 🙂

@member no they want t change the funtion from paste to other function and wanted to know if there are other functions to apply .

If that is possible it looks like it would require a mouse remap file.

May be able to figure it out below, but honestly it won’t be something simple to implement and it may not even be 100% supported by Citrix.

@member if you want to have the third button act as a click and not as paste, setting this registry Setting sent before by Christopher and I, will work.

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