Is it possible to customize the “Password or account expired” error message in IGEL OS 11?

When a user who connects to our RDS environment using an RDS session (icon on desktop), there is now a more descriptive error “Password or account expired” (instead of a generic error in previous IGEL versions) when a user attempts to connect with an expired password, or when the RDS session disconnects due to inactivity. Is it possible to customize this error message? It is also not translated and is shown in English. This is on 11.03.530.01

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can you provide a Screenshot of that window? Would check if I can tweak it.


And when the RDS session times out and closes:

or can I customize the text “Password or Account expired” based on the error? Because that would be perfect

I’ve asked this question before a few months ago and I believe the answer back then was that it was not possible yet

Let me check, I‘m in a call for the moment!

Please paste:

“`sed -i ‘s/Password or Account expired/Whateveritneeds/g’ /config/sessions/freerdp


into a new profile as Final Network command, replace whateveritneeds by your wanted translation:

Reboot. And you should be good:

Hello, we have the same error, shown in you’re second picture; i made a thread for this about two month ago; it started with upgrading to OS 11.03.500; see –>

@member we get that error (on the older OS version) every time someone gets an RDS time out as well, we use the following workaround, maybe it can help you.

(very robust and most likely not the best way to do it)

In the RDS session, go to System, Firmware Customization, Custom Commands, Post Session, then as RDP post-command it has ‘exec /wfs/scripts/”. This shell script has the following contents:


sleep 2;

pkill gtkmessage && yad –title=’Desktop Session’ –window-icon=/wfs/icon.ico –timeout=600 –timeout-indicator=top –text=’Custom text’ –image=info –button=gtk-ok:0 –width=400

Simply just kills the error window and pops up this info window instead

@member Thanks, it seems to work, though I’m still at square one since I’m unable to differentiate between a password-expiry error message and the message that pops up when a user’s session gets disconnected due to inactivity.

Will have a look later on!

@member on my side, I‘m only seing what I would expect:

Password expired: my custom text

Session Disconnect: Connection to server lost

or did I got you wrong?

Hmm that’s different from us then. For some reason I get the password expiry error in both cases (see the first 2 screenshots in this thread)

Well, it appears that the RDP client misunderstood the closing reason. I will ask internally, in the meantime I would suggest to tweak the error message with the Profile sent before.

Thanks! It’s a simple RDS disconnect on inactivity that was set up in the RDS Collection settings

This issue is fixed (at least for my Clients) in 11.04.100 👍

Oh wow, I will test it in the next week with our clients and maybe this really annoying issue is solved. 😄 But cool, that you are testing so fast and killed so a issue in your company. 👏👍 @member we are gradually fix problem after problem and maybe from my side I won’t be able to report any pending issues by the end of the year and report the complete satisfaction of our users. We are no longer that far away, a few tasks are still pending, but we are on the right track. However, our users are very satisfied with the current IGEL line-up either way, since we were still using Windows 7 IGEL at the end of last year, no comparison I can only say.

@member I’m managing the IT of a very small company (30 employees; 5 using IT in the office and/or via VPN from home; and about 25 mobile Clients on iOS) by myself, so there is no real evaluation-/trial-phase for rolling out updates…

In my case the best practice is rolling out updates asap, especially when security-related issues are fixed and then sort out potential problems later, as they come up…

Worst case scenario -> downgrade to the last running version (Igel) or go back to the last, pre-update, backup (virtual Win10 machines).

Always have recent backups (and check them regularly for functionality)!


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