Is it possible to have two instances of a browser session open at the same time on IGEL OS?

Is it possible to have two instances of a browser session open at the same time?

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Hi Pieter, yes sure, just add a second one to your profile!

I tried having two different profiles with each profile having a different browser session with different URL, as well as one profile that has two browser sessions, but in both cases I was unable to have two browser windows open on the client. When one browser window is already open, the only way to open the other window is to close the first one first. These browser sessions are used to display a simple webpage so they have tabs, menu’s and everything possible disabled so they’re basically in a non-fullscreen kiosk mode.

Dumb question, but can you try to put both in one profile and give distinct names for each session and retry?

I did, I have a test profile that has two browser sessions with two different names. What I noticed is when I start the other browser session while the first is already running it does in fact open up a window for about a split second and then quickly dissapears again. Must be some kind of OS or Firefox setting that doesn’t allow multiple instances?

Ok, then let’s try a different approach:

Try creating custom applications instead of multiple firefox sessions.

Create a firefox session

Create Custom Application sessions where the calling command is either ‘firefox URL’ or ‘/config/sessions/browser0 URL’

Set the icon to firefox

This happens because every browser session creates a new set of plugins and we run out of space

Been a little while since I have tried this but in the past I had to use the following setting to allow multiple Firefox session to truly work independently.

This should be OK for 2 Browser sessions but as Sebastian mentioned, creating too many with this option enabled will cause the OS to run out of space.

System>Registry>sessions>browser%>app>no_remote – enable this setting.

@member I couldn’t find that option. I’ll try Sebastien’s suggestion

There’s a setting called _New pages should be opened in_ which can be found in _Browser Global>Tabs_.

When you set this to _in a new window_, then you should get the expected behavior.

If you plan to have many browser sessions, then Sebastien’s suggestion is also the way to go.

Btw. this is OS10, we’re talking about?

This is OS11

In OS11 you can go ahead an create as many browser sessions you want. All use the same profile.

I made a completely fresh profile with 2 browser sessions and I was able to open 2 sessions. That means it probably has to do something with one of the many browser settings I turned on/off. I atleast know where to look now, thanks for the info.

Found the issue, when “Disable Hotkeys for open new window/tab” is enabled, the 2nd browser session refuses to open. Disabled it and now it works as intended. I guess this is a bug?

Will check when back in office, but thanks for the feedback!

@member I was experiencing the same issue with OS 11.2.152 whereby only the first browser window would open. Your solution eased my search a bit! 🙂 I also have locked down the browser and am only allowing pre-defined session URLs to be opened. Unchecking the “Disable Hotkeys for open new window/tab” allowed multiple browser windows to be opened from desktop shortcuts. Thanks for the follow-up!

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