Is it possible to image a bunch of SSDs from a base image to convert old desktops to IGEL OS?

My first post! – search hasn’t yielded much for me, so thought I’d just ask: We are looking at converting quite a few old desktops to IGEL. One thought we has was to simply image a bunch of SSDs from a base image. What steps would we need to take to make this happen smoothly? (No duplicate IDs, etc) Are there any guides out there?

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Hi Joel! Welcome! Did you thought about deploying the Image through a PXE Network? In that case, Igel delivers a preinstalled Appliance:

incl. unattended installation

or you can use your own by importing ISO included here:

Using a converting stick is also an option:

In all of above, you don‘t have to think about duplicate IDs, or similar.

Thanks. I hadn’t thought about PXE (All static IP environment, no DHCP server setup anywhere, but could possibly add one just for the conversion process, remove when complete…) I’ll look into that. Original thought was that many, if not all of the PCs we would be converting have spinning HDDs in them; Small SSDs are cheap and easy to come by these days.. So a nice little upgrade for the PCs, and if we shipped them out to the individual banks pre-imaged, front line support at the banks could just swap the new SSD in, startup the device with maybe a small script to run to “see” the correct MAC address and set appropriate IDs before setting the static IP and registering to the UMS. That was the thought process at least, Am I way off base?

No, that makes absolutely sense to me. I would use a Master device (freshly installed by OS Creator Stick) where no license or UMS Registration is assigned. There create a Master Image by using DD, and then roll it out on several SSDs by using a Linux System and dd again.

Sent you a PM with a few Linux commands!

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