Is it possible to join an IGEL OS to Active Directory and setup the device to autologon?

Would it be possible to join an IGEL device (UD3) to Active Directory and setup the device to autologon to the domain using the name of the device as the auto logon AD account and a known password. We will create AD accounts to match the name of a the iGEL devices so that they are available in AD.

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Hi @member igel OS do not have samba or equivalent functions, this menas that the device itself can’t join AD. Though you can configure the device to allow user login authenticating through AD to the local device (where you then can use the token to sso to sessions) please read for more info:


@member though, I’m don’t think you can predefine login in this scenario.

Exactly what do you want to accomplish?

Hi Frederik, thanks answering. We are trying to join the device to an AD domain because we have a system that needs the devices to be part of the domain in order to apply policies.

If so, you will have to go with ud3 windows 10 devices.

So we can use UD3 Linux and join to AD but not autologon with ad credentials?

Honesty we just need to join to AD then be able to get to the iGEL desktop so that we can then autologon with a Citrix receiver to a desktop pool. If autologon to the iGEL desktop via AD is not possible can we get to the iGEL desktop with some sort of local account?

Ok, the IGEL OS by default login as the local user “user”. In configuration for citrix you can prespecify the ad user credentials that should be used, this means that you can door a device straight into a citrix session and do automatic ad logon in the session. The IGEL OS device do not need to be ad member. I’ll package and upload a profile that do exactly this later on.

Thanks Fredrik. I have Citrix autologon profile figured out and working. That’s not the reason why we are looking at joining the iGELs to the AD domain. We use a system that requires computer objects in AD in order for us to apply some policies, we can try to create AD computer object to match the names of the iGELs but I am not sure if it truly needs a real bound and trust for this work. That’s why I was asking if we can join the iGEL to the domain and logon with a local account to them so that they are in the iGEL desktop.

@member You cant join the IGEL OS device to Active Directory as a computer object. I cant see how a windows AD policy to hit, nor that policy settings would make any difference on a Linux endpoint, so i think what you want to achieve is only possible on IGEL Windows clients.

Ok thanks

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