Is it possible to launch the IGEL OS browser using local files and does the browser have full Tab functionality?

Hi all! Questions about the browser configurations.

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1.) Is it possible to launch the browser using local files? i.e. launch an html I have stored on a custom partition? When i configured this and set the homepage to the location /custom/foldername/webpage.html I got an page that said the organization has blocked this content.

2.) Does the browser have full Tab functionality? The page I want to display is simply a portal page to a number of different sites. When I click on any link it opens it in a new window instead of a tab. I’d prefer it to open in a new tab instead of a new window.

Yes. You probably have the “Hide local Filesystem” setting active. That prevents accessing files on disk (There’s also a list of excepted paths somewhere, I don’t remember where)

Tabs are fully supported. There’s a setting whether links should be opened in a new tab or window by default somewhere in the profile settings

Hi @member and @member

New pages as tab:

Sessions,Browser,Browser global,Tabs,New pages should be opened in: a new tab

Hide local filesystem:

Sessions,Browser,Browser global,Windows,hide local filesystem

On Directory whitelisting, I assume:


Thanks @member and @member Hide local filesystem was partially the problem. Now I’m getting file not readable so I’m digging around for permission settings.

On the Tab settings I do not see that option. I have Warn me when closing multiple tabs, Warn me when opening multiple tabs might slow down the browser and when a link is opened in a new tab, switch to it immediately. I’m currently running and see there is a newer version so I am going to update the OS

For the New Tab option I see it clear as day after updating firmware but now I’m second guessing whether I just completely overlooked it due to where it is displayed prior to the firmware update:man-facepalming:

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