Is it possible to make Firefox auto-accept cookies on IGEL OS?

Hey Is it possible to make Firefox auto-accept cookies? We are using private browsing and wonder if it is possible?

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Looks like an cookie “auto-reject” may be a feature that will be available soon?

Aren’t those cookie prompts fun? Good intentions of the GDPR, but just becomes a nag prompt for users to click. Wonder if it could have been implemented better.

According to above, if you have version of Firefox that supports it:

> Do the following to enable the feature:



> 1. Load about:preferences#privacy in the Firefox address bar.

> 2. Scroll down to Cookie Banner Reduction.

> 3. Check the Reduce Cookie Banners box to enable the feature.

On IGEL, for testing, you will have to allow preferences first. If it works, then you can likely set it using the Firefox custom preferences?

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