Is it possible to save a PDF file on the desktop and open it on IGEL OS?

Hello everybody, I just have a short question.

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Is it possible to save a PDF file on the desktop and open it?

Hello Leon, you could use file in UMS, and Deploy the PDF to /userhome/Desktop/

If I use your path, there ́s no PDF file on the desktop.

Can you check in Terminal if the file arrived there? If not, transfer it to /wfs instead and link it manually (for testing), by issuing:

ln -s /wfs/yourfile.pdf /userhome/Desktop/

It ́s arrived, but will not displayed at the desktop.

Might be related to the fact that we need a link instead. did ln -s worked?

If that doesn‘t work either: Create a CustomApplication:

System,Firmware Customization,Custom Application with a command like

evince /wfs/yourfile.pdf

If I configure a custom application like you ́ve said, I get a error message and can ́t open the document.

the path looks a bit weird… Cannot check atm. but what happens when switching to user

su user

and start the evince with the command from terminal?

After check the path, I get the following error message.

started as user?

Have you by chance disabeld Cups Printing (from _System > Firmware Customization > Features_)? If yes, then pls re-enable. There be ~dragons~ libs to render PDFs.

Was on a customer site until now… I just tried

evince /wfs/sample.pdf and it worked.

Firmware 11.03.100

Can you check Jo’s suggestion?

I ́ve tested it and activated the feature (Print [Internet printing protocol CUPS]), if you mean that. But i get the same error message. Is there another feature, that I have to activate? I deactivated all features except the recommended features.

Which Firmware version are you using? Can you try 11.03? Can you test this pdf instead?

Oh, and just for testing: can you remove the profile where you deactivated all the features? Just to see if that helps?

I use the newest firmware 😄 But I will testing your hint later. We have now a bigger problem, I write a new post here for that problem. 😕

If I activate all features, I have the same problem. Will the features installed/activated after a restart? If yes, that fix not the problem, at least for us.

Yes, if a universal firmware update is assigned. You can open a local Igel Setup and double check if all Features are ticked. Did you had time to test my PDF?

Now I had time for testing it with your PDF and the result was the same. I get the same error message.

Ok. Time for spontaneous Teamviewer Session? Can you send Teamviewer ID and PW as PM?

Now it works. Many thanks to @member and @member. After activate the feature CUPS not by default, rather activate the parameter manually. Now I ́ve a another question. Is there a possibility to configure the document viewer. Meant: Lock some interactions, like the “Open”, “Save”, “Print” or lock/invisible some menu items and configure the standard parameter like the standard zoom etc. ? I ask because we don ́t want that the user has access to the igel file system or to interact with administrative menu items.

You could try evince -s /wfs/yourfile.pdf

-s should be presentation mode.

Yes, that ́s right, but not necessarily the solution. Because the user should jump between the sites and use the index.

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