Is it possible to script a mouse movement on IGEL OS?

Is it possible to script a mouse movement? We are testing a new vmware horizon setup with nvidia gpu and now the Horizon client is showing a black screen for several seconds or until mouse movement is detected. It seems the gpu is causing this.

You could use xdotool to simulate a press, but you would have to find a way to trigger it on session launch.

For Horizon, make sure you have DRI 3 enabled on IGEL

You can make sure it is in use by enabling the following IGEL registry keys





If you have any Citrix connections you will need to make sure those are disabled, because Citrix hasn’t updated to support DRI3 yet

I also guess it’d get better with the use of DRI3.

In DRI2, the new Horizon Client has the bad habit of not showing the very last frame of the H264 stream in some cases.

And on the other hand it might get hard to move the mouse when the Horizon session is already running because the input devices are grabbed by the client.

The lack DRI setting plagued us when moving to 11.03.110 while using Blast – is there a permanent fix in later versions? I also don’t see it in the “known issues” list for 11.03.110.

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