Is it possible to toggle between IGEL ICG and direct connections automatically?

Hi! We have some clients that sometimes is temporarily moved to a company’s local network where a direct connection to the UMS is possible. The clients that is connected via ICG, but is connected to the local network shows as offline. Is this by design? Is it possible to toggle between ICG and direct connections automatically? I saw this link:, but I do not want to change this locally on the devices.

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Hi, we will integrate a kind of priorization setting in UMS to solve that kind of requests but it isn’t the case atm. Actually there is only the way you described (but the registry setting described can be saved in a profile and then assigned to a folder) in combination with a default directory rule (Igel Cloud Gateway => Last Boot via ICG vs Last Boot not via ICG) maybe, switching between local folder and setting / vs/ ICG folder and settings.

@member Thank you for your response. Our clients are offline when on the company network connected via ICG. Is that by design or should the clients stay online while on the company network?

@member it should work then, did you checked if your devices get the actual UMS by using a DNS Alias / DHCP Tag?

and check maybe the ports 30005 UDP from UMS => endpoint, 30001 UDP from endpoint => UMS?

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