Is it possible to use display port “Multi-stream” on IGEL UD3?

Is it possible to use display port “Multi-stream” on UD3? And what about UD2?

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A client really wants to connect 3 full-HD screens for regular office use (Phone emergency dispatchers)

Hi, unfortunately our UD devices only officially support a number of screens up to the number of outputs available. Daisy-chaining, splitter cables and USB monitors are not officially supported but some of our users might have got one of these to work for certain thin-clients.

Thanks, David, I’ll wait for the community to answer, if it takes too long i’ll experiment myself and report back

I thought only the UD7 officially supported 3 displays, plus an optional 4th display via an add-on card.

In essence, Display Port 1.2 should support Multi-stream which means you could daisy-chain or have a multi-stream splitter. However, I’ve had a chat with someone who had ran some tests and I think the ud3 and 2 won’t support it, but a possible direction is USB screens. <edit> Or a splitter that supports hacking a 4k resolution in 2x 1080/1200p, but you’ll end up with 2 screens acting like one, so messages end up between 2 bezels.

Have you had any experience using a multiscreen system with a virtualized environment like PCoIP or Citrix?

I have set-up VMWare Horizon with IGEL UD3 and UDP/UDC with 2 screens without problem, 3 screens was always a gamble, based on hardware.


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