Is it possible to use full screen on three displays with PCoIP on IGEL OS?

Has anyone seen this before? Trying to use full screen on three displays with PCoIP. This happens on different machine types so I’m thinking it’s a limitation with PCoIP. Any thoughts?

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Well, did you tried different firmware (incl. different horizon client versions)? 5 on actual ones, 4.10 on 11.01.100 a.e.

Did you turned on:

if yes/no try to dis/enable it?


to increase PCoIP Cache maybe?

So in my demo I was using 11.01.100. Teradici PCoIP worked with three displays for sure. Now that I think about it, I think the issue started when I updated to 11.02.100. I tried with 11.02.150 as well.

@member if you just try two monitors, or even one does it connect properly?

Yep works like a charm with two

Have you tried it on a Windows/Linux device with the PCoIP client?

I know that AWS Workspaces worked on Mac and PC with more than two displays. However we use the Workspaces app on those OSs… haven’t tried with the PCoIP app on them though.

Ok, keep us in the loop regarding the Cache, to see if that helps!

Confirmed Teradici PCoIP 19.08.0 works on three monitors on MacOS

So it looks like increasing the cache is not an option for Teradici PCoIP. Am I missing something?

@member true, I was thinking on Horizon PCoIP, my mistake. Will ask internally, but would you mind to open a ticket at our support?

Np will do! 🙏

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