Is it true that we can make our own IGEL OS UD Pocket (UDP) – USB Thumb Drives?

Question – is it true that we can make our own IGEL OS – UD Pocket (UDP) – USB Thumb Drives?

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In a sense. It’s kind of like installing on a hard drive. However, they don’t work moving between machines. At least this was our experience. We used some in devices with small hard drives and some in machines with failed hard drives.

Thanks for the information – so are you saying these “IGEL OS – UD Pocket (UDP)” have to be purchased from IGEL and that once used by a device it can’t be used by another device? Could it be the license that is used by that UDP is associated to the specific device? So to use the UDP on a different device you have to remove the device license associtaion??

I guess I should clarify something. With OS11 it might work correctly. We were on OS10 when we were doing that.

There was something we had to clear out in order to move it to a new machine. I think that might be fixed now

I think I remember seeing a blog post on doing it with OS11

Found it

Ok thanks for the information. I’m also trying to determine if we can make an UDP in house or do we have to purchase them?

Thank you it has answered my questions 🙂

Hey Stephen, just to clarify. That is a community document and making your own UD Pocket isn’t something officially supported. UD Pockets purchased from IGEL can be migrated from device to device with no fuss.

Ok Thanks – I read the information that was provided above, and is he saying that the device the UDP is created on is the device it can only be used?

@member that is correct, it says so in the article.

> The limitation to this process compared to ordering a “_real_” UD Pocket is that this UD Pocket will be tied to a single machine

Thanks I confirmed what I needed after viewing the Video. Thanks

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