Is possible to download locally from a web browser the .ovpn file on each device for use with IGEL OS?


We have a customer with 200 devices (IGEL UD3 and converted devices) and he needs to use one .ovpn file for each user.

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We read these notes, but they will need to send file one by one:

Is possible to download locally from a web browser the .ovpn file on each device? Customer has a web where users can enter and download their own .ovpn file.

How can he save this file locally without delete on reboot? How he can run with OpenVPN client to use that file?

Thanks and best regards

Hi Bruno, it might work yes, but you would have to script a bit. Just an idea: you could create a Script that runs in a loop, starts at boot time before Network Init and checks if a (newer) ovpn file is in a specific folder like /custom

If a newer file is found, use it as a conf file.

Just brainstorming… but that‘s how you could solve it.

This great post from David may also help:


That is basically my second link.

One possible solution could be configure it that way and locally user donwload his/her own .ovpn file overwriting UMS file.

How can we configure local browser (Firefox or Chromium) to download file on /wfs/ ?

Best regards

Hi Bruno, WFS is such important that I wouldn’t give User access to it. I would rather create a an empty Custom Partition (50Mb just in case the user wants to do more) and tell the user to use that Partition.


How we can configure local browser (Chromium or Firefox) to always save downloaded file on /custom?

Don‘t know if that is still valid, but the <about:config|about:config> could work:

The <about:config|about:config> mod can be set through a profile, as a Custom Preference:


Customer is testing with Firefox and has no permissions to save file on /custom (Custom Partition).

Where can he change permissions to save .ovpn file locally?


Hi, I might be wrong but it could be related to Apparmor Profiles, please disable them for a test, reboot and retry.

Btw. About:config on Download path isn’t needed anymore, I was working on an older Firmware Profile version when posting the Download path config through about:config… Here is the actual config way:

Many many thanks for your help 😉

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