Is Service Continuity with Citrix Cloud on IGEL supported?

Hey guys curious if anyone is using Service Continuity with Citrix Cloud on IGEL. I’m looking to see where it caches the files and can’t find it for IGEL, only Windows. If anyone has any details about this it would be appreciated!

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Hi Josh, are you trying on OS11 or OS12? I think it was only announced for OS12 in July, if I read correctly.

I’m trying on OS11. So Citrix Service Continuity doesn’t work on OS11?

As far as I can tell, it wasn’t yet working on OS11. @member I think you were testing this on OS11? Did you get anywhere?

Oh ok. Just thought it should work as it lists CWA Linux 2106 or higher in the docs. Thanks for the info.

Should be part of 2305:

Citrix Workspace app 2305 is now available! – with following new features included:

New features:

Added support for Service Continuity. Therefore changed the default value of parameter app.cwa.authman.StorebrowseIPCDisabled from true to false. This will enable Service Continuity by default if supported by the server.

Great news. Thanks Sebastien!

Tbh I‘m not sure but I doubt it’s working. The challenge of SC is the 1:1 relation of user and device, which in a thin client scenario isn’t always given, combined with the non-persistent design of IGEL OS. So it might work, as long as you don’t reboot and your user always works on a single device.

I had assumed that Service Continuity would require some specific IGEL OS specific integrations, for it to be a workable solution. Again…you know what assuming does! 😉

@member any chance you can point me at the location of the connection lease files on the filesystem so I can validate after enabling it?

default path on Linux is


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