Is someone out there using “GISBO Alarm on IGEL OS?

Hello all 🙂 Is someone out there using “GISBO Alarm”? It’s a emergency-alarming-software, triggered by Software-Button or by Key-Stroke ( “Rollen”-Key ) Best regards Frank Bach

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Hello Frank, not by myself, but Native USB Redirection and redirecting the device usually helps.

Hello Sebastien, i know, but we are looking for the “feature” of using the “Rollen”-Key to trigger a alarm. Somwhere between V5 and V11.07 this funktionality was lost ( unfortunately without knowing by IT-Staff ). A GISBO employee reminded us about a feature to activate in IGEL OS, but we don’t know about such a feature :man-shrugging: so, perhaps you can give us a hint where to look withhin IGEL OS?

I would look if any custom commands / custom

partitions were deployed on v5. From there on you could check if it was included.

It looks like they joined IGEL Ready, so GISBO should be able to provide guidance on how to configure things.

Gisbo Software development joins IGEL Ready Program as a Technology Partner 

If not, I would check where it still works, copy each profile, update them to 11 and assign them one by one. Or use the profile compare feature.

Thanks to you all! I will discuss this with my team. Have a nice Free-Day ( if you are living in Germany in some regions )

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