Is the IGEL UD2 and UD3 capable of using wireless sticks or usb wireless cards?

I wanted to ask on the community if anyone knows if the UD2-LX40 and UD3-LX50/51 are capable of using wireless sticks or usb wireless cards. We have aruba access points in the ceiling, then these linksys re6500 range extenders that connect to those at the users desks, which then has an ethernet from the linksys to the igel. we want to cut out the re6500 if possible. Please give me your advice on whether the usb network adapters work on these machines

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you mean in replacement for your Wifi Bridges? Yes, they are a plenty of Wifi Chipsets we are supporting through USB or on UD3 through the extension feet (even if not recommended because of weak signal strength). Where are you located?

we are using ud3 with the wifi extension feet (and aruba aps) and they work well. usb adapters we tried had a worse signal strength than the feets

I was also wondering if IGEL has a recommended wifi chipset to use with their products or if that isnt the case

Other than the IGEL sold adapters it’s hard to say. We run into a lot of issues. Intel typically have the best support, but they don’t make a USB option (that I know of). I have also had luck with the Realtek RTL8192EU chipset. It can be found in a few devices, but the cheapest is the StarTech USB 2.0 300 Mbps Mini Wireless-N Network Adapter – 802.11n 2T2R WiFi Adapter

I would test though, ever environment and wi-fi system is a bit different

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