Is there a “BGINFO” type application for use on IGEL OS to show system information on the desktop?

Good Morning IGEL Community. I have a display question on the IGEL OS. Windows uses the BGINFO file to display system information on the desktop. This is usefule when talking to end users and asking them “What is the name of your computer”. Is there a way to display “system information” (see picture) on the desktop of the IGEL OS?

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Good afternoon Todd, we are investigating an official Support for Conky (similar to BGInfo but on Linux), and it might come on an upcoming IGEL OS version. In the meantime, you have two possibilities:

1. on Demand

2. as a CP

Thank you. Is there a tar.bz2 file associated with this CP? I see it being called from the inf but I didnt see it as part of the download

There’s a build script here ( ) that will d/l conky and it’s dependencies and package them back up as a tar.bz2.

Here is a video to show steps to build a CP on Ubuntu 18.04

Hey there, I’m not getting it how Conky should be started on an UD3… I’m able to create the CP and deploy it to the IGEL but then nothing happens. I also created the conf. file as described here but what am I missing 😊?

The profile starts conky — a reboot is required before it takes

Hi @member,

thank you for your quick reply and the screenshot. I checked it in my CP and its correct (because the profile which I imported has the correct settings 😉 – but doublechecking is better 😁). But still nothing happens.

I’m still confused why the software does not start…

Did you use the GitHub Profile?

Do you see the files in /custom?

Did the init script run to link it into the file system?

Hey @member,

sorry for the late answer – the weekend came in between 😇

Yes, I used the Github script to create the CP, I also used the imported profile, I see the files in the /custom/conky CP and so on. I checked the infos in the screenshot. Compared to my settings they are the same as in your screenshot. If I execute the initial action manually nothing happens, no error occurs. If I execute the executable manually I get the following error:

Maybe this is the reason it doesn’t work?

What version of IGEL OS are you running?

Did you reboot after applying the CP?

It’s on Version and yes, I rebooted after deploying the CP

Well, If you used the profile from GitHub it calls the init script to link into the file system.

So, can you cd into /etc/conky and do a ls?

Of course, here is a screenshot of the directory /etc/conky

It looks quite similar to the one you posted 😊

Okay, next steps to debug:

Thanks for the nice little explanation 😎! – This is what my system told me it’s missing:

I used the github building script as you described so I assumed it contains everything to create a running conky. But it’s not satisfied at the moment :hugging_face:

Well… looks like the build script should have picked up the libs.

rerun the build script and make sure the following files are included

Okay, I will do that and have a look. Afterwards I will report 😉

Thank you very much for your support!

The build script grabs the following and stuffs them into the .tar.bz2 file

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