Is there a Blue Browser for IGEL OS 11?

Is there a Blue Browser for IGEL 11? I think it’s called Citrix Workspace, but I want it go to a specific web link when someone opens it. Blue Browser is the actual ICON.

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I am not sure what you mean by that

So I think its Citrix Workspace, I am not sure of the name, but its a blue icon that sits on the desktop. I want users to click on it and it goes to a website

I haven’t heard such a thing except for the default Firefox browser.

Hi @member do you mean Citrix Self service by any chance?

Then you could follow this guide:

I think the old appliance mode (which is a Firefox browser) will be back soon in newer 11.X releases? … maybe Sebastien knows some more details

@member it’s the Citrix Workspace. I need to place a direct weblink within the Citrix Workspace on the IGEL. What we want is to have users be able to click on the Citrix Workspace Icon and it go directly to a URL

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