Is there a Buddy Update Loadbalancing on IGEL OS?


I’m trying to find out more information on the Buddy Master/Slave behaviour around the following scenarios on IGEL OS11:

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1 Buddy Master and 49 Buddy Slaves on old firmware

When the Buddy Master concurrent sessions setting is less than the number of devices needing updating. Do the devices that aren’t able to get an update due to the concurrent policy ever retry?

EG; I have 49 devices needing updating and a buddy master with a 5 concurrent connection policy applied. I have an automated update job setup based on a view of devices with old firmware. The first 5 devices get updated, do the remaining 44 devices roll over in batches of 5 until the total of 49 are updated?


2 Buddy Masters and 48 Buddy Slaves on old firmware

The same scenario as above but there is more than 1 buddy master, so let’s say we have 2 masters each set to 5 concurrent sessions. Do old firmware devices get updated in batches of 10 split by both buddy masters doing 5 at a time?

When I’ve run the igel_buddy_update_server_scan on a buddy slave with 2 buddy masters on its subnet I only ever see it return one IP address of a master device? Is this by design or should I see all the Buddy masters on that subnet?


In the event of running into issues, what command line tools can we use to troubleshoot the buddy master/slave relationship? The only command line tool I’ve been able to find is igel_buddy_update_server_scan.

Many thanks,


Hi Simon,

1. it depends 🙂 from how you deploy the firmware: if it is a Job, no until next run, if it is on Boot, only after next reboot, etc…

2) This is per design, it will only show the fastest reponder.

3) this is the only I’m aware of. checking journalctl is always helpful too.

Worth to check loadbalancing;

Hi Sebastien, thanks for your replies. I’ll check out the link supplied.

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