Is there a command to manually reinitialize an IGEL custom partition?

Is there a command to manually reinitialize a CP? Like I have devices that have a CP assigned but seem to lose the files somehow.

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cannot check by myself, but the command custompart should fit I guess. Will check later when back in Office.

Would like to understand how they lose the files…

Please note that you can ONLY have ONE /custom mount.

If you have multiple CPs, then you need to combine them.

I would like to know how they are losing the files too. These are setup on laptop devices and the only CP on them is AnyConnect. So when the files disappear, the device can no longer VPN. No configuration changes have been made to these devices since they were given to the end users. And they were working fine for a couple weeks then all of a sudden, I got 3 reports from users that their VPN stopped working.

Next time … right click on device and select –> Save device files for support. Then take the zip file and expand … look in wfs folder for group.ini file and see if the CP is still in it.

What does the “automatic update” checkbox do on the data source page of a CP?

@member I would also check by

df -h | grep custom

if in case the CP fails, if the free space went out

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